Community Day celebration at Thecho (Nepal)

community day celebration 2015 695On 18th September 2015, the community of Thecho celebrated the Community Day. The theme of the celebration was “Optimism and Joy”. The festivity commenced with Vigil service and Adoration animated by Sr. Abhai Minj. The Morning Prayer was animated by Sr. Clara with the help of a power point presentation.  All entered the chapel for the Eucharistic celebration in procession holding a symbolic leaf. It was handed over to the Animator Sr. Aquila as a sign of our love and unity; she made a bouquet out of it and placed it under the feet of our Blessed Mother. The Holy Mass was solemnized by Fr. Florence Demta SDB and Fr. Jijo Joseph.  In his homily he focused on five essential features such as courage, hope, option, happiness and joy that community can offer to each member. He also highlighted about the beauty of living in the community as brothers and sisters in spite of differences in various aspects of our religious day celebration 2015 735

To make the community day an unforgettable event boarders and sisters prepared for it for one month. Each week a practice was taken for both girls and sisters to practice it. Every day the entire community prayed for a particular person and in the evening one good quality of the person was spoken of. After the celebration boarders shared their experiences and said, “one month of preparation this year for the community day celebration was unique and singular. We felt some transformation within us. There was so much of joy and family atmosphere” The celebration came to the height with a short cultural programme.

Sr. Maria Goretti


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