Bicentenary Celebration at Auxilium Barasat School

DB 200.

August 14th will remain an undeletable day in the memories of the auxilians  as the yearlong celebration of bicentennial of Don Bosco’s birth had its culmination with the closing ceremony spearheaded  by red house who had inaugurated it as well. The solemn ceremonial was  launched with a slow parade led by the school captain, vice captain and the four captains with the portrait of Don Bosco with an entourage of little girls showering rose petals on the portrait giving a sort of heavenly reverie.  Sr. Stella garlanded the picture and Sr. Rosy Veliyan the principal lit a candle giving a spiritual aura where a couple of prayers and self-composed poem was rendered.  A group of primary class students arrayed in dance to honour the saint of the young.  Three boys depicting the nine year old, teenager and grownup Don Bosco conveyed that  his presence is required to bring solace to the chaotic world of the young even today.  The maxims of Don Bosco  was made a living reality by taking them as an oath by the students.  The celebration concluded with the concluding speech of Sr. Stella which was poem illustrating the multifaceted personality and the greatness of Don Bosco.

The great celebration also included the “BOSC – O- QUIZZARD” in which Green House bagged the first prize along with all the other houses performing wonderfully well. The tiny toddlers made the stage more colourful with their “RAMP SHOW” Portraying their love for their favourite Bollywood stars. The final closure was marked by folding and handing over the bicentennial flag as a symbol of the students good will in preserving the values  which were  which they learned from the multitalented maestro, Don Bosco.DB 200


(Debasree Pal and AsmitaHobisyashi)ACS, Barasat

Pledge taken at  Bicentenaryclsing ceremony

We the students of the Salesian School, promise that we will try our best to exemplify the principle that we have learnt from our school, respect and commit ourselves to uphold, respect and follow the standards set out by our school.

Following the example of Don Bosco, we pledge ourselves to live as one family, regardless of our race, language and religion to build a nation that respects each & every individual.

We further promise that we will give our best and strive constantly for excellence, preserving our academic integrity by maintaining the highest ethical standard in our studies and valuing the relationship with the management teachers and among ourselves, In every instance we will prove ourselves as Salesian pupils following the footsteps of Don Bosco.


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