Gratitude day celebration –  Auxilium School Dum Dum

Gratitude day ...Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It is regarded as a virtue that shapes not only emotions and thoughts but also actions and deeds. We, the Auxilians of classes IX to XII expressed our gratitude towards Sr. Superior Teresa Adampakallel and other sisters and teachers on 24th July, 2015 by putting up a short program  for them. The theme chosen for this great day was  “Radiate rays of God’s love”. The  program started  with a short speech by our school captain who thanked sister Superior for all her love and support. She also thanked  Sister Principal, other sisters, teachers and the non teaching staff for their constant guidance and support. Soon after this, cards and bouquets were presented  to Sr. Superior as a token of our  love and gratitude. After this there was a PowerPoint presentation which  included a prayer dance showing gratitude towards God. The true essence of gratitude was brought out through a skit titled  ‘ The  Bishop’s candlesticks’. Sr. Superior nourished us with her golden words inspiring us to be grateful to our elders,  and to be most grateful to God who has given us so much love and guidance. She also said, not just utter words of gratitude but to live by them which we will  surely follow.

Gratitude Day....The Middle  school programme started with a short prayer service, where we thanked God for  our beloved school, family, nation and world. There was a speech in which we expressed our heartfelt  gratitude towards Sr.Superior  for her love and guidance. We felicitated her with bouquets, and cards. We also presented a token of our love in the  form of clothes, stationeries, exercise copies etc  for the underprivileged of correctional Home, Dum Dum. The programme rolled on to a choral recitation by the middle school portrayed with dance, emphasizing on God and the virtues of love and obedience, followed by a beautiful dance which portrayed the  five elements of life. And a fusion of songs which told of kindness of God during the capture of Jerusalem. Sr. Superior inspired us with her pristine words encouraging  us to thank God  for the elements of Life.

Gratitude Day.The tiny tots of the primary section  programme commenced with a short prayer service that expressed gratitude to Sr. Superior, Sisters and teachers. They performed a skit  entitled “Thank you Ma’am,” that conveyed  the message of how one can bring a positive change in the lives  of others. A chau dance  that left us all with the message of saving tigers and trees. The enlightening words of Sister Superior completed the day’s programme. All the efforts of the students and teachers were appreciated by her.

A spray of rainbow colours and melodies rang out  in the little cute hearts of pre- primary as they celebrated the gratitude day. They performed action songs thanking and spreading God’s love, also  thanking Him for Sr.Superior . At the end of the programme she shared a note of appreciation for the enjoyable day.Gratitude day..

Anoushka George  XII B


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