Team Meet-B

The Province Team of 13 members, under the leadership and guidance of Sr. Mini Chettayil, the general coordinator gathered at Barasat on 18th July by 9.00 a.m. She led us prayer collectively and then welcomed the group. Three new members to the team were welcomed with a garland, Sr. Teresa Karakkal in the Social ministry sector, Sr. Basanti Ekka in the Youth Pastoral and Sr. Geraldine Barratt in the Past Pupils sector. Sr. Mini exhorted us of how successfully we could contribute and work as a team in collaboration for the good and growth of the Province, connecting each of us to share the stories we received in a pamphlet wherein spelled out the various characteristics of good team work to a successful end.

Few information was communicated about the next Team Meet. Our next item on the agenda was the celebration of the Diamond Jubilee of Sr. Mary George U to be held on 23rd August 2015. Responsibilities to the celebration were allotted to communities and individual sisters.

Finally Sr. Rosina Thomas joined in our meeting and shared the planning of the Liturgy meeting she had attended the previous week with regard to the Salesian Family Congress.  This too was discussed to realize as to how we could make the FMA Congregation and its sanctity within, known to all during Salesian Family Congress.

Sr. Mini then thanked the team for their presence and their contribution made in each of the sectors and exhorted once again to work in close collaboration for the good and growth of the Province. We finally had a photo session of the team and of the new members. A delicious and sumptuous meal was provided by the community of Barasat. The Team members thanked Sr. Stella and the community of Barasat for hosting it and for their generosity and love.

Sr. Geraldine B


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