Investiture Ceremony 2015-‘16

Investiture C.

The investiture ceremony of the newly elected Auxilium Convent, Barasat School captain, vice-Captain, house captains, club presidents and prefects of both primary and high school was held on 27th April 2015 in the School Auditorium. The Arrival of the Chief Guest Br. Jose SDB Principal of Liluah Don Bosco, triggered the ceremony.  The captains marched sprightly and majestically in sync to the beating of the drums to the auditorium stage with the accompaniment of the anchoring of Ms.Suchita.

The ceremony was ushered in with a beautiful prayer service with scripture readings, offering of meaningful gifts and appropriate prayers. In the oath of allegiance the newly elected captains promised to discharge their duties with dedication, sincerity and to the best of their ability. They pledged to take the School to newer heights and resplendence. After the swearing ceremonial the leaders were given the badges pertaining to their responsibilities by sisters and teachers.

The chief Guest Bro. Jose addressed the assemblage inviting everyone     to be thankful to God for protecting from natural calamities and blessing them in various ways. He told the students to be aware of their family situation and be grateful to their parents.He exhorted the leaders to execute their responsibilities with utmost care. They should not have any friend or enemy when it comes to the execution of their responsibilities of  the school. He  projected the  examples of various leaders especially Mr. Pius Goyal the cabinet member of central government, a Past Pupil of  Wadala, Don Bosco who  expressed his eternal gratitude and  gave credit  to the school  for the great leader that he is today. He congratulated them and also encouraged them  to become genuine leaders for the world  is in dearth of  charismatic leaders who  could be catalyst of  Social change.Investiture ceremony

Rev. Sr. Stella the superior also congratulated the leaders and summoned them  to carry out their tasks with enthusiasm and vigour. She in her message gave them  a formula  to be a great leader  ‘HC3 Pa ShA2’ : H – Honesty, C – Confidence, C – Creativity, C –Commitment, Pa – Positive attitude, Sh – Sense of Humour,  A- Ability to delegate, A- Ability to inspire. Sr. Rosy the principal also congratulated them and gave a boost to be good leaders for the session 2015 -16. Indeed it was a memorable day for the school as well as for the captains and prefects.

Sr. Basanti FMA


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