Meeting of principals and vice- principals


The meeting of the principals and vice- principals of the province of INC from 28 – 29 March 2015, commenced with inviting the Holy Spirit to come and fill the ambience and awaken the hearts and minds of the participants.

In the absence of the provincial Sr. Maria Pettayil, Sr. Teresa Adampakallel, the vice- provincial delivered the inaugural address. Introducing the revised Educational Policy of the province she said, “Through this policy we wish to ensure that our institutions do not pursue the narrow goal of academic prestige, with strong focus on marks and medals, but instead aim to foster human values and spiritual maturity among the students and staff.” She then released the revised Educational Policy of the province by handing over the first copy of the book to Sr. Elizabeth Makil and Sr. Stella P, the education coordinators of the Province and to Sr. Elizabeth Valliyil, animator of Auxilium – Bandel.

Sr. Stella painstakingly prepared PPT on the Educational project of the province. She fittingly quoted Abbe Duvallet who acknowledged the pedagogy of Don Bosco, “You have your work, your schools, oratories and houses for the young but you have only one treasure; the pedagogy of Don Bosco. Preserve it, update it, strengthen it, enrich it with all modern discoveries and adapt it to the youth of today, their problems.  Change everything but preserve the treasure, teaching thousands the way to love and save the youth of today. In a world where the young are betrayed, withering away, crushed, exploited, God has entrusted you with a pedagogy which highlights the respect for the young, their greatness, their weaknesses and their dignity as children of God. Sr. Stella elicited candidly the striking characteristics of the Preventive System and its components. She concluded her presentation by reminding the participants about the recommendation of Don Bosco to all the educators. “Just as there is no sterile or barren land which cannot be made fertile through patient effort, so it is with a man’s heart. No matter how barren and restive at first, it will sooner or later bring forth good fruit.  It will begin by loving what is naturally good and ultimately advance to what is supernaturally good. Even the most callous youth have a soft spot. The first duty of the educator is to locate that sensitive spot, that responsive chord in the pupil’s heart and make advantage of it.”

Sr. Elizabeth Makil and Sr. Stella P with the aid of PPTs presented every letter and word of the revised policy so as to make the participants familiar with the policy. The two days meeting wrapped up with a few recommendations for the harmonious administration of the educational institutions of our Province.

 Sr. Celine A.


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