Teachers’ Orientation programme


The scholastic year 2015 -16 began with great zeal and promise. The teachers of Auxilium Convent School Barasat had three days orientation programme from 30th March to 1st April 2015.The programme was mainly led by Rev. Sr. Rosy Veliyan the principal and Sr. Stella the animator. Every new academic year embraces a ‘Thrust’. The thrust of 2015 -16 is “The Auxilian messenger of love in Don Bosco way”.

Therefore the orientation was mainly laid to follow, guide and imbibe as teachers and mentors within all the Auxilians the Spirit of Don Bosco, enabling them to be true Auxilians, following the footsteps of this great EPITOME. The programme comprised of different interactive sessions- revision of Service Rules, detailed discussion of the striking characteristics of the Preventive System and analysing and synthesising the responsibilities and duties of every faculty member of the Institution. Even a humorous ambient was created, when the teachers had to enact a small extract of the various encounters of Don Bosco with his boys; assigned by Sr. Stella the animator. This was an endeavour mainly done by her to make teachers realise and feel different means which one can adopt as teacher to transform mere pupils to extraordinary assets. Lastly, the orientation programme concluded by extending warm welcome to all the teachers and especially new faculty member and pledging altogether to make better future Auxilians.

And…..all the teachers departed with happy hearts and strong determination to set on in one’s vocation and wishing each other Happy Easter.

Ms. Anindita Choudhury


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