Bicentenary of Don Bosco Waves at Auxilum Dum Dum

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AUXILIUM DUM DUM: The bicentennial of Don Bosco’s birth will be celebrated on 16 August 2015. The students classes VI to VIII of Auxilum Dum Dum organized the Salesian Saints week.

Music Club depicted the life of Saint of Dominic Savio, Dance Club highlighted the Don Bosco’s Spiritual Life through the dance drama, Dramatics Club aptly portrayed Don Bosco’s Pedagogy through different topics such as totally for the young, Optimism, Faith in education, True Prevention, The centrality of love in education etc.


The Yellow house commemorated the Feast of Blessed Laura Vicuna their patron and role model through Poem, song and skit on the students who come across the temptations and distractions in today’s digital world. 

The programme was concluded  quoting the words of Laura Vicuna “wherever I am, at school, at play, or anywhere else, the thought of God accompanies me, helps me, and consoles me,” She also said “A cheerful attitude will sustain you in all your difficulties, trials and sufferings in life”.

Self composed poem on Don Bosco by Dimitri Mallik  – Class VIII A

Hateful strife filled the blue oceans and seas

Amidst mankind faith and love seemed amiss

From Heaven the Lord looked upon the earth

He saw the world quite devoid of mirth

The aimless youth laving their homes

Were wasting their energy on the roads

Thus to alleviate the on growing rift

He gave the world Don Bosco his greatest gift.

Don Bosco the father and friend of Youth

Was the epitome of honesty love and truth.

An apostle of Mother Mary and a servant of God

He taught with love and not with rod

He taught the youth t learn and pray

And do what can be done each day

He loved peaceful and cheerful din

His motto was run jump yell and do not sin

He thought every moment a priceless treasure

He loved God without any measure.

He preached it is better to correct one’s faults

His teachings were precious like gems in vaults

He founded the Salesian family which educated the youth

With guiding principles of holy faith reason and truth

Across the world his teachings spread

To the youth he became a dear friend. 

O the harp of love he struck the first chord, though he was a man, the world called him a man of God.

Self composed song by Shreemanti Datta – Class VII

  1. Dominic Savio the Symbol of Courage

The courageous Riva inhabitants

Presented a brave penchant

To be a light to millions

And a guide to all

Planted the seeds of bravery

And that of equality

To the vast extent of infinity

The powerful and inspiring personality

Had to face many facilities

But still was firm to his resolution

Because he desired for a vast transformation

  1. His service as a Role Model

He always guided people to God’s path of enlightment

And filled people with enchantment

He was saturated with the qualities of a true human

For the purpose of serving all men

His modesty and carefulness distinguished him from the rest

He always fought back with the sword of honesty to all the odious test

Served as a guide

And today is a pearl to every eye

Report by Sr. Kanchan



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