The Annual Exhibition


The Annual Exhibition was held at Auxilium Convent School, Dum Dum from 27 – 28 November 2014. Rev. Fr. Hermil D’Souza, the Parish Priest of St. Patrick Church inaugurated the Exhibition. In his inspiring speech he elaborated the essence and value of success through a story ‘The Pianist’ and appealed to the children to be disciplined, determined and hard working to enhance the human quality.  The presence of Provincial Sr. Maria Pettayil and Superior Sr. Teresa Adampakallel encouraged the students.

The theme of the exhibition was “General, Scientific and Mathematical Innovation.” It was to encourage the innate scientific and creative attitude in our young students.

The Junior School showcased informative and attractive models by the Hindi, English, Science and Social Studies departments. The dazzling array of art and craft presentation was eye catching to the visitors.

The exhibit put up by the senior school was extremely instructive and educational.

The Maths exhibition was able to generate tremendous interest among the visitors with ingeniously made models such as “3D figures using geometrical shapes” and Angels with clock models”. There was also a series of brain storming puzzles and games.

The Computer exhibition was also a crowd-puller with interesting working models and projects on Artificial Intelligence and Robots, modern gadgets, Microprocessor, modern computer etc.

The Biology exhibition enthralled the visitors with working models on topics such as Stem cell model, DNA fingerprinting, structure of the Kidney, ODON device, breaking of the egg shell, Brain model, and The ECG machine model etc.

The Chemistry exhibition portrayed informative models such as Potato circuit , Dancing sodium, making Rayon synthetic fabric, Smoke without fire, Boiled cake, Rainbow in the glass, Nuclear Power Plant, Volcanic eruption, Magic drinks, Elephant’s toothpaste ,Criminal World- Artificial blood and fire fighting etc.

The Physics department showcased working models of Interference of light, Working of a WAP7 model, Water level Indicator, Electronic doorbell, Solar eclipse, Young double slit experiment, expansion of gases, Rainwater Gauge and working model of revolution of Mangalyaan around Mars etc.

Geography and History department aptly portrayed by models and charts such as Drought, Bhopal Gas Tragedy, Irrigation, water treatment method, Green Revolution, Ancient history and modern cities of  India etc.

The English Bengali and Hindi departments took the theme of the exhibition to a creative and literary level by way of charts and models depicting the Creative genius of writers like William Shakespeare and Rabindranath Tagore.

The Economics and Commerce exhibition highlighted the India’s strides towards a Developed stage, Developing township, Smart city, From traditional economy to modern economy ,Banking and finance as service sector and Accounting effect in birds view of a modern club activity.

To mark the Bicentenary of Don Bosco’s Birth, the catechism students exhibited saying of Don Bosco and Time line on Don Bosco.

In the apostolic Exhortation Pope Francis says “The Joy of the Gospel fills the heart and lives of all, who encounter Jesus”. Heeding his invitation the YCS put on display the message of Jesus.

All the working models and activities were highly appreciated by the visitors, Parents, Students Past and Present.

The parents who visited the exhibition appreciated the exhibition in the subsequent words.

Mrinmoy Roy “What an exhibition! This is really mind blowing performance of the students. This type of programme really need for overall development of the students”.

Rupak Sarkar “Simply Excellent” very well organized, highly informative and nicely demonstrated. I have learnt a lot.

Deepak S.Rawat “Very well done by the entire student from primary to Senior Classes.  Amazing, work done ! Cheers!!!”

Mousumi Mallick “Very very nice and fabulous presentations. Students are very smart and hard working and teachers are also active and hard working.”

Namrata Dutta “An innovative and brilliant perception well displayed!”

Bhattacharyya “The Physics, Chemistry and the K.G. were the best.”

Sr. Kanchan


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