General Chapter XXIII Transmission


The Transmission of General Chapter XXIII for the animators of the Province took place at the Provincial House, Dum Dum from 23 – 24 November 2014. The meeting commenced by invoking the assistance and enlightenment of the Holy Spirit

Provincial Sr. Maria helped the group to enter into the Emmaus experience through the Lectio Divina with the help of the painting of Sr. Elda Broilo consists of three scenes which speak of listening, meeting and decision to continue the journey.

The participants of the transmission entered into the digital world so much so within a short span of time the Chapter events were lived in a vivid manner. It was presented in a creative way the experiences of the Chapter members, the messages of Mother General etc through the power point presentation. The reflections made on the Chapter theme were presented in a nut shell inviting us to re-live the charism  of our Institute  with creative fidelity making it relevant for  the young people of  today.

The day was enriched with the presentation of the synthesis of the Acts of the GCXXIII and the various modifications made on the articles of the Constitutions. The importance of colloquy was dealt in an elaborate manner to highlight the significance and importance of it for our community building and for a fruitful apostolate with the young people of today. The animators expressed their sincere appreciation and thanked Provincial Sr. Maria Pettayil and Sr. Elizabeth Valliyil for their availability and making it possible for us to have a lived experience of the Chapter.

Sr. Leela P.



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