Children around their Mother

            Hail Mary Full of Grace !

The month of October is dear to all the Catholics as it honours our blessed Mother with the recital of the rosaries.  Being also a month dedicated to the missions our community decided at the onset of the month to honour her with chain Rosaries dividing it among the sisters and boarders and house staff thus completing 9 Rosaries  for the intentions – peace in the middle East, for the extension of evangelization and for people suffering from the incurable malady Ebola.  As a part of Celebration of mission Sunday activity the community decided to visit families and recite the Rosary.Whenever time permitted the sisters like the disciples either in pairs or in more numbers set out with zeal to recite Rosaries in the nearby catholic families.  The climax of this Marian devotion was the conclusion of the month on 31st October – when the catholic families joined both Auxilium Barasat communities to honour our Blessed mother in a befitting manner.  The Statue of our Blessed Mother was on a beautiful float made on the cycle cart festooned with blue and pick balloons and decorative lights leading the candle light procession of her beloved children.  The boarders animated the Rosary in triple languages, Hindi, Bengali and English making it understandable for the families.   The devout procession concluded around the niche of Mary in the residence where the fervent devotees placed all the candles in specially prepared vessels and prayed for various intentions.  Our Blessed mother might have enjoyed this festival of lights in her honour and would have begged her kingly son to shower down blessings on all present.  The celebration ended with tea and snacks and all returned home with the memories of this beautiful celebration in honour of the most loved of all mothers.



2 thoughts on “Children around their Mother

  1. Inspiring initiative for all to spread the love of our mother.and to uplift the suffering. Well done keep going always!

  2. so happy that you have spread this great Marian and efficacious prayer to al,l dear sisters. Rosary defends us from all evils. Continue to spread this great devotion.

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