Media Week 2014


The Media and Computer Club celebrated the Media week from 27 – 31 October 2014 at Auxilium Convent School, Dum Dum. The inaugural day programme, put up by the high school and middle school, began with the lighting of the lamp and Sr. Superior Sr.Teresa Adampakallel’s declared the Media Week opened. The theme chosen for the celebration, “Youth- the builders of a true Home” was all the more relevant as we were also celebrating the 200th birth anniversary of St. Don Bosco, the Father and Friend of Youth.

 A talk on the youth and their potential was followed by a mime act on corruption. The day’s programme ended with the song, “Hall of Fame” and Sr. Superior’s inspirational words.

 The second and third day’s programme was presented by the High School while the middle school celebrated over the last two days. The High School celebration was consisted of a discussion of Youth Icons along with a slide presentation. The inspirational icons discussed were Malala Yousafzai, Jack Andraka,  Rene Silva, Nangshil Tashi Malik and Arghya  Banerjee.  A video clip on the Youth’s initiative towards a clean society was shown.


The third day’s programme had an enactment of the poem ‘I believe which is and should be the anthem of youth today.’ An interview of the famous boxer MC Mary Kom was enacted which was very inspirational. As a part of the celebration,there were many competitions such as Poetry Writing, Caption-Writing for the High School and T-shirt painting  and Quiz for the Middle School. Overall, the Media Week was a success and hopefully the young Auxilians were able to realize their hidden potentials and the fact that they can bring a difference in the society.

Anwesha Das (Vice-President, Media Club)

Anusri Ganguly (President, Media Club)


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