Don Bosco’s Birth Bicentennial celebrations Inaugurated at Auxilium Dum Dum


On 16th August 2014, the community of Auxilium Dum Dum inaugurated Don Bosco’s birth bicentennial celebration in the community chapel along with the parishioners. His finely decorated statue was garlanded as the joyful voices  echoing  the  hymn ”We thank you O Lord for Don Bosco” rose up to the skies. The introduction to the Eucharistic celebration recounted in brief, the story of the humble beginning of a simple boy of Bechi facing all odds and challenges of life to realize his childhood dream, through his future priestly ministry reaching out to thousands of young people leading them to fullness of life.

Don Bosco lived for the young people of his time to lead them to Jesus; everything he did had this goal in view, said Rev.Fr. Hermil D’Souza the main celebrant of the Holy Eucharist during his clear and eloquent homily. Recalling the Gospel summon “Sir, we want to see Jesus”, he challenged the core-community in the emulation of St. John Bosco in his earnest desire to show Jesus to all our dear ones including the pupils, especially through our educative mission! Don Bosco’s birth centenary will become significant only if we succeed to satiate the hunger of the young to see Jesus. Hence the importance of gearing all activities towards this only goal was emphatically noted upon.


It was decided to come together to disseminate the knowledge of Don Bosco to all the stakeholders of our educative mission. Obviously the first chance fell on the parents of class seven who had the fortune to assemble in the auditorium for the parents’ orientation course today on ‘successful parenting ‘.  The program began with the video clip on the announcement of the president of America inaugurating the bicentennial of Don Bosco’s Birth Day in America followed by a brief profile of Don Bosco’s life and achievement as a well known educationist and a saint for all. Long Live Don Bosco!!!!!!!


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