Interview with Sr. Alice Olikal FMA


Sr. Alice can you tell me the person who was the motivating force behind your vocation ?

My Assistant Parish Priest was the motivating guide behind my vocation. He used to talk to us in the school every Friday about the missionaries and the great work they were doing for the spread of the Gospel. He also made us to act out the lives of the missionaries. I used to dream even in my childhood to go to the mission and speak about Jesus. This was an inspiration for me to become a missionary. So together with my two other companions Sr. Rose Simon FMA and Sr. Anna Varkey FMA I left my home to become a missionary. 

What are your happiest memories as an FMA?

I do not have any special happy memory but I was happy whenever I did my work well with a sense of responsibility and commitment. I recall with joy the times I spent in front of the Blessed Sacrament. There are many moments I felt happy in the company of others and I found them sharing my joyful experiences.

What thought gives you comfort?

The thought of living with and for Jesus and Mary in the Congregation gives me comfort. Another comforting thought that comes to me is that I was well taken care by all the superiors and sisters in which ever communities I belong to. Now I praise and thank God with all my heart for the great  love and care showered upon me by the community here at Dum Dum and all the prayers that are sent to me by many people especially the sisters of all the communities to console me and give me hope to live on with optimism and joy.  

Do you have any regret in life?

I do not have any regret in life but when I failed to carry out God’s will through my superiors I felt sorry.

How do you accept your inability to walk?

I acknowledge it as God’s gift but sometime I find it difficult to accept it. I request all those who visit me to offer prayers for me so that I may accept this gift with a spirit of faith and hope.

What messages have you for the younger generation?

I wish to tell them to live always in the presence of God and to obey the superiors, to pray well and to do their duty wholeheartedly for the salvation of young people.

Golden Jubilee is a happy event for you isn’t it? Why?

Yes, Golden jubilee is a happy moment for me because I lived 50 years in the love of God. I felt  that God was holding me in His palm and loving me tenderly.  I  thank Him and our Blessed Mother for granting me this grace of celebrating my golden jubilee year.  

Thank you dear Sr. Alice. May God bless you.


4 thoughts on “Interview with Sr. Alice Olikal FMA

  1. Dear Sr.Alice, Thank you for your life of joy and fidelity in the past fifty years and for the beautiful message you left for us. God bless you and pray for us to live like you. We keep you in our prayers always.
    Sr. Lydia Komuhra, fma

  2. It is touching and enriching the alive vocation story of our dear Sr. Alice. I am so inspired to join once again to FMAs

  3. Dear Sr. Alice, Thank you very much for your lovely vocation story and message. God is so good to us. I am proud of my Salesian vocation. I join you to thank the Lord for your dedicated life.May God Bless and reward you a hundred fold.
    Sr. Anita Joseph

  4. Congratulations Sr. Alice on the occasion of your 50 years of fidelity in the Vineyard of The Lord. As an aspirant in Maligaon, I saw in you ‘The Salesian educator’ while you were the headmistress in Maligoan. Till today you are ‘Salesian Educator’ .
    So congratulations once again. Keep me in your prayers. Sr. Ninet

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