Parents’ Orientation day

                                Picture1                          On 2nd August 2014, Auxilium Convent School, Dum Dum,  organized a half a day orientation day for the 210 parents of class IX Students. Sr. Esther Rani Abraham, the principal officially welcomed the parents. A prayer song was projected to invoke the blessings of the Almighty. Mrs.Sujata Harish read out the general rules of the school to the parents. Mr. Mrinal Banerjee, the resource person for the day spoke to parents about how to handle the children who are exposed to various problems. Parents were requested not to put study pressure, not to compare but to have a dialogue with the children since all have unique D.N.A. He highlighted the two severe problems a child of 13 years facing: the social impact and the growing trend of tuitions. They are more involved in the digital and the outside world than their studies, therefore there is less time for self-study, time for leisure and for other activities. To handle these situations he exhorted the parents to be active listeners, to have an eye on their child’s relationship till they are 18 years, to put every discussion in a debate form without the child’s knowledge and to stop scolding but to frame out the whole situation then to act. He also gave them few tips to prepare them for the examinations, like evening walk, watch English news to speed up their writing and hearing capacity, avoid junk food to be a healthy person and to do every day half an hour yoga meditation. The session ended up with various interesting questions from the parents. The Parents thanked the Management for organizing a very interesting and down to earth session.

Sr. Domenica Josphine Thapa



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