Postulants’ Medal



10 candidates made the three days retreat at Auxilium Aspirantate Barasat from 21st to 24th July 2014. It was preached by Rev. Sr. Rosalia Tirkey the animator of Kalyani community. The theme of the retreat was “ Experiencing God as Love”. The preacher stressed on the love of God and His call. She made them to understand the true meaning of a vocation, the precious gift of God. She exhorted them to stand firm in their vocation and seek Him at all times. The aspirants were enriched by it and desired to love God more and more.

                        24th July (2)     

On 24th July three aspirants Alka Tigga, Binita Bara and Jenifer Preti Selvaraj received the postulants’ medal. Rev. Sr. Maria Pettayil the provincial gave the medal to them and entrusted them to our Blessed Mother. The solemn prayer service conducted in the presence of both the communities of Barasat began with a prayer dance by the postulants and aspirants at 12.30 p.m. in the big chapel. During this prayer service, Sr. Provincial highlighted the call of Isaiah and his immediate response. She referred to the letter of Mother Mazzarello encouraging them to be faithful to His call. After the prayer service there was a short felicitation programme which was followed by a shared meal among the sisters of the two communities. The postulants and aspirants thanked Sr. Provincial, Sr. Rosalia, their formators and the sisters.                                                                                                                             





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