Science Exhibition

                        SCIENCE Exhibition

AUXILIUM BARASAT: 5th July 2014, was indeed a day filled with creativity and learning. It was the day where students implied their ideas in the field of Science and articulated their capabilities. Red, Blue, Green and Yellow houses had their toughest challenge.

All the four houses had different topics both for middle and high school; such as circulation of blood, Respiratory system, DNA structure, conversion of energy for communication, Burglar’s alarm, Nerve Impulse etc  

                                           .OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Sir Partho, sir Rajibesh and Sr. Basanti as their worthy judges, who too were in horns of dilemma. They evaluated and analyzed the programme by enhancing their inherent qualities. Indeed the students were highly privileged to have such a golden opportunity. The four houses displayed their dynamic potential extremely well through varied Science models, projects and demonstrations.

The house participants and moderators too gave an untiring effort to make the event a successful and memorable one. The winners high school were Green house and middle school were Blue house.

Agniva Ganguly

Suprabha Mukhopadhyay

Class IX B



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