Provincial Visit – Auxilium Gobra


On 7th July 2014 with great joy sisters, the trainees and the   boarders    welcomed      Provincial Sr. Maria Pettayil, in a traditional style. With rhythmic step she was escorted to chapel for prayer by the whole community.

On 8th July 2014 at 10.30 am the DB Tech students showcased their talents through different cultural programmes to welcome         Sr. Maria. The programme started with a prayer dance by     Miss. Ankita and the group followed by a welcome speech by                     Miss. Mamta Ekka. The DB Tech boys too performed a group dance, which made everyone experience the joyful presence of Jesus. A goal oriented skit was then performed by the students, who brought in the message that a hard work and strong determination helps one to achieve ones goal successfully.

Provincial Sr. Maria congratulated and appreciated the DB Tech students for their talent show through dances, skit, song and speech. She said that these were God given gifts, which no one will be able to stop from blooming in life. She spoke about Don Bosco and his dream which brought the students to Auxilium – Gobra. She narrated the story of a poor young boy, through which she proclaimed the facts of life that there will be ups and downs but we need to face courageously at every circumstance of life.  The programme was concluded with a song to Don Bosco.


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