Inauguration of DB Tech – Gobra

 After a long mobilization for DB Tech on Wednesday, 18th June became a historical day for Auxilium Promotional Centre, Gobra. With much joy we are able to inaugurate DB Tech in the presence of Sr. Francesca Ekka, Sr. Philomena, Sr. Sherley, Mrs. Satabdi, Sisters, Sir Bablu, Sir Mark and the students. Sr. Sherley, the centre coordinator, took the initiative of hosting the inauguration programme. The programme was consists of invoking the Holy Spirit, reading from the Bible, “We are the Salt of the Earth and Light of the World” and lighting of the Lamp by various representatives. It was followed by offering of prayer to God asking His blessing upon the students and their families. Superior Sr. Francesca encouraged the students and shared the life of Don Bosco, how he helped others and encouraged the youngsters to proceed towards their goal recalling the words of  Don Bosco ‘WORK, BREAD AND HEAVEN”. Mrs. Satabdi shared her few experiences at DB Tech and how she reached the position of a state coordinator from a simple trainer. Sr. Philomena Chirammal too welcomed the students and spoke on dignity of  hard work which brings joy and happiness. Mr. Mark, the teacher gave vote of thanks to all who were present and also shared his experiences of mobilization. The programme was concluded with the National Anthem.

Mr. Bablu




One thought on “Inauguration of DB Tech – Gobra

  1. Congratulations to the social ministry sector at Auxilium Gobra. You have begun a wonderful work with the help of God and certainly it will bear the desired outcome for the welfare of many young people. Keep up the good work in His name.

    Sisters of Auxilium DumDum

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