Induction programme for new teachers was conducted on 15th June 2014 by Fr. Joe Arimpoor SDB (Director DBARK, New Delhi).He began by stressing on the need for an induction program in an institution stating that it prepares a teacher in tune with the institutions culture.

     Fr. Joe established a relation between knowledge and awareness which later leads to a greater insight and enables a person to deal with his problems. He laid stress on the need to read as THOSE WHO READ ARE THOSE WHO LEAD.

An  Auxilian teacher must know her students inside out. A good educator identifies the

hidden potentialities of a student and accompanies them to realize them. This identification

of potentialities can be done by the PASTORAL APPROACH as propagated by Don Bosco

good educator is like a good shepherd. He must possess the following seven qualities:

  1. Know his student deeply.
  2. Be present everywhere.
  3. Lead them towards greener pastures.
  4. Protect the sheep.
  5. Run after the lost sheep.
  6. Make sacrifices.
  7. Lay down his life.

Fr. Joe laid stress on the presence of teachers and sisters with the students at all times which must be corrective, directive appreciating, encouraging and animating presence.

An educator must just not be a certified teacher but also a qualified one. She must know how to lead to draw out and to develop the students. He continued by drawing the difference between discipline and culture of discipline. Discipline is by force and external while culture of discipline is internal and based on conviction, values and principles. Thus he tried motivating the teachers to move from the practice of punishment and reward to Reason, Love and God. The teachers were then given a list of instructions from Don Bosco to the Educators and in a group the teachers were asked to identify the 3 most and 3 least practiced exercises.

Auxilian school culture was also discussed in detail. Culture was defined as the integration of values, beliefs, attitude, spirit, style, tradition and rules.

On 16th June 2014 the seminar for all the teachers was conducted and it was based on Auxilium School Culture. The workshop was informative and was conducted in a very enthusiastic way by the resource person who with the help of anecdotes, examples and his own personal experience made the workshop participative and interesting one.

 By Ms.Sunita Singh





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