Renewal days


AUXILIUM KURSEONG : The Sun shining in the cool breeze of Kurseong Hills warmly welcomed all the 24 participants who arrived right on time for the annual retreat which began on the evening of 24th April. Our Sr. Provincial, Rev. Sr. Maria Pettayil’s introductory words were very significant in appreciation for all the good works being done in the province by the animators and their love and interest in the growth of the province through its members, more especially by the care for the Junior sisters in the communities. Rev. Fr. Mathew Pulingathil SDB, was the preacher of the retreat who gradually unwrapped the great treasure contained in the Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium of our beloved Pope Francis during the course of the retreat. His main focus was to get the retreatants have a unique experience of meeting Christ personally.

The methodology used by the preacher had an ideal beginning with the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament early at the dawn of 5.00 a.m., indicating the real preacher of this retreat and the marvels that can take place in his company of over 13 hours a day. Incomparably, it was the company of Jesus that made the disciples cohesive and stronger even after the resurrection and the experience of Pentecost. The task of helping us to open our total self to the Incarnation of the divine Lord in the Eucharist and find His prolongation in the persons, events and creation around however ugly, difficult or easy was worth trying. The spirituality of the Incarnation is the basic tenet of every Christian living was one of the convictions we carried home. And the days of retreat did take us closer to the Lord to make us more aware that we are anointed to anoint those with whom we share our day to day life and those we come in contact with in the course of our journey of life. A life that takes the path of the Paschal Mystery.

Sr. Teresa  Adampakallel


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