“Come and See” programme conducted


“Call and Response” was the theme of the come and see programme which was held at Aspirantate, Barasat from April 5- 11, 2014. The five young girls with six Aspirants took active part in these six days of come and see programe. The main focus was about our call and how do we respond to it. There were different passages taken from the Bible on the divine call, eg. the call of Levi and other apostles. Sr. Prisila Bara helped them to understand and deepen their own call. Meditations were animated very creatively by          Sr. Leelamma Palliparambil which helped the candidates to experience Jesus’ love more deeply in their lives. They came to know our charism better by watching the video on Don Bosco our founder and Mother Mazzarello our co- foundress. Community life and prayer experiences enhanced their knowledge of the salesian way of life. The evening recreations added more colour to the day as they sang and danced in different languages. On 11th April at 12.00 noon we ended our programme with a short stage programme by the candidates. They expressed their love and gratitude to the sisters and the community.
Sr. Prisila Bara



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