Feast of Don Bosco – Auxilium Dum Dum

On 30th January, Auxilium Convent School, Dum Dum celebrated the feast of Don Bosco, the patron saint of Red house.  The programme commenced with a prayer service followed by a skit depicting the life of Don Bosco and his child hood struggles which he underwent in order to achieve his goal. The red house members rocked the stage with their melodious songs and dances. The programme came to an end by an inspirational speech from Superior, Sr. Lucy Kachira inviting the audience to imitate the virtues of Don Bosco.


On 1st February class VIII   students of Auxilium Dum Dum together with their class teachers’ organized sports day cum Don Bosco’s Feast for the oratorians and evening school children. Around 70 students participated in this event. The programme commenced with a short skit depicting the struggle of a poor boy, who through hard work and determination becomes a successful person in his life.  They animated various games like running race, skipping, filling the bottle etc. The students distributed prizes for the winners and a school bag each.  The oratorians thanked each and every one for the wonderful time they spent in the company of each other. At the end of the programme the Past Pupils distributed lunch packet for all. All were happy and contented and thanked God and Don Bosco for all what they received through the instrumentality of class VIII students. The class VIII students thanked the sisters and teachers for giving them opportunity to experience the joy of giving in a tangible way.  




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