Celebrations – Provincial Visit, Republic Day, NCP Mela

AUXILIUM DUM DUM: Provincial, Sr. Maria Pettayil made her provincial visit at Auxilium Dum Dum on 23rd and 24th January 2014. These were days of sharing the life together. She brought fresh reminders to the sisters that with the help of St. Mary Mazzarello we can transform and evangelize the young. 

On the 24th January Sr. Maria Pettayil met the staff and the students. Students expressed their gratitude through a short program composed of a poem, dance and song which filled the heart of all with music.  The event came to an end with the inspiring message of the Provincial based on the Thrust of the year “to be a kind and a joyful giver.” Through a story she taught us the importance of values which will make us truly happy in life. She also said that if a person is optimistic, generous and helpful she will always be happy and she will be able to live in the presence of God as Don Bosco said “God sees you”.

She met the Co-Operators, members of the Educating community and the Oratorians and inaugurated the Children’s Mela. On 25th January, Sr. Maria visited the Correctional Home-Dum Dum and interacted with the women and the children. She was overjoyed to see the progress of the children in their studies and behavior. She presented a sweater and a cap to each child. All were happy and contented with her visit.



 JUMAIKELA: Janta School celebrated the Republic Day with love and patriotism for our nation. In spite of being Sunday most of the students participated in the parade.  The chief guest Sir. Elmon Xess, the head master of Pradeep Chandra Vidyalay, Jumaikela hoisted the national flag. Sir Norbertus Panna, a teacher and Manisha Tirkey, vice-captain of the school delivered inspiring speeches inviting everyone to own up the responsibility to build and protect our nation. A short programme was staged as part of the celebration.  Sr. Pushpa Lakra, the vice principal expressed the vote of thanks to the invitees and the assembly for the success of the day’s programme. 

Sr. Shanti Tirkey

                                                                               Image                             Image


 AUXILIUM DUM DUM: “Run, Jump & make noise but do not sin.” This idea of Don Bosco was realized by organizing the NCP Mela for the children at Auxilium Dum Dum on 26th January.  Oratorians from different places turned out to celebrate the feast of Don Bosco and NCP Mela on the same day.  A colorful balloons released by Provincial Sr. Maria Pettayil, Sr. Lucy Kachira, the animator, all the sisters and the children marked the solemn inauguration of the program.  The oratorians presented a short program in honor of St. John Bosco after which followed the distribution of prizes by the Provincial for the different competitions held during the year. She echoed her sentiments in these words “when I see you I feel so happy because Don Bosco loved the oratorians very much. I too love you and encourage you to take advantage of all the chances offered to you which will help you to achieve your goal and you will be happy in the Lord.”  


The various games and competitions were part of the Mela.  It was an opportunity to exercise and socialize as they competed in a variety of team sports including obstacle race, sweets race, running, relay races and so on. All the teams put forward strong efforts and at the end all the winners were awarded by Sr. Lucy Kachira the animator of the community.

Sr. Deepa Minj 




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