Resource Persons:  Mrs. Anurupa Gyne & Mr. Amiyo Gyne.

 No. of participants:  36 women from Dum Dum, Barasat,  Kalyani  & Gobra.


A gift is a gift… but when given in a beautiful bag its delicacy doubles.

Dear friends today we had training on Eco friendly paper bags, how to prepare it. Since being eco friendly a very good substitute for plastic bags which are menaces to our society today.

The steps included in this are basically folding in correct measurement and then sticking the correct parts together but the most important part is the bottom of the bag which needs a lot of accuracy in measurement.

On this day, the ladies were extremely enthusiastic and made more than one bag to bring perfection in their work.

It was educative and a very useful training for the ladies.

Reported by Sr. Leelamma P.







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