HEALTH CAMP -Auxilium, Barasat


A health camp was organized by the Social Service Club on  November 15, 2017 at Badu village, Maheswarpur, Six Bigha (Choy Bigha) colony . This is the village adopted by Auxilium Convent School named as Auxilium Mercy Colony. Timely material help is extended to the people of this village.

Health Camp

Due to depression in the Bay of Bengal the weather was unpleasant with incessant rains and the morning it continued to pour. In this inclement weather we launched out for the medical check-up for the villagers. Mrs. Chandrima Misra one of the parent and the Megha City Nursing Home’s owner, arranged Dr. Durbadol Mahanto and brought along with her two Nurses and an assistant and Ms. Pratima Naskar one of our Teachers arranged another Dr. Bivash Halder who happens to be a parent of our school. Sr. Juliana Rozario and Ms. Pratima Naskar accompanied them to the colony. Secretary of the Badu Village Club, Mr. Utpal Das who had notified the villagers about the health camp. Since it was raining we were accommodated in a small room where Doctors began examining the patients. All together 47 patients were examined. We extremely appreciate Madam Chandrima and the doctors and Nurses for availing themselves and giving their precious time for the poor villagers. We thank Sr. Clara S. the principal of our school for arranging this Health Camp for the poor people of Badu village

Sr. Juliana Rozario


Class Picnic 2017 – Auxilium, Barasat  

On November 14, 2017our school had organised a picnic. After Assembly all the classes one after the other guided by their class teacher were taken to the unique Garden. It was a great fun walking along the roadside with our classmates. All the classes were allotted different places within the park. Everyone was very excited to know what we were going to do. Then class wise we played games and danced  to the music. It was great fun dancing with everyone and even seeing our teachers dance.


We were all thankful to our dear Sister Principal for not allowing us to take phones otherwise we would have been busy taking selfies and we would have got engrossed in our phones. After that we played some games such as badminton, football and volleyball. We all were very happy playing freely and even talking with each other to extremest extent we can. Then we went to the other side of the garden and we found that it was more beautiful. The teachers played songs for us and we danced a lot. We were very tired and lined up to walk back to school. We even ate the food which our friends had brought and shared our food with others. Deep inside everyone knew that it was the best Children’s Day they had spent. Everyone was happy and many went and thanked Sr. Principal for making their Children’s Day wonderful.


Anjali Tripathy

Class – IX C

Bandel Pilgrimage 2017


On November 25, 2017, the students of classes X and XII gathered in the grounds of our school at 7:30a.m. in the morning for Bandel Pilgrimage. The fun we had on the way, made the bus journey, apparently, very short. On reaching the Bandel Church we silently took our seats, as the Father was delivering his speech. He informed us how the Lord is the centre of our lives. He is the ultimate being in control of our destiny and praying to him would surely make our dreams come true. We then had a short prayer service programme to seek God’s Blessings. We then climbed the stairs to the top where the holy statue of Mother Mary is kept. We prayed with all our heart, and lighted the candles, and dropped the intentions in the wish-box.

Our next stop was at Auxilium Kalyani. The steaming dishes laid on the tables made our mouths water. After a satisfactory meal, all the students of classes X and XII having gathered together had a lot of fun. We danced, sang, clicked photographs and after getting exhausted, sluggishly climbed our buses. This Bandel Pilgrimage, shall always remain etched in the hearts of the students of ACS Barasat, as they all had the fun of a lifetime.

Anwesha Biswas

Class – X A

Provincial Visit at Auxilium Park Circus

The Visit of Provincial Sr. Rose Ezarath commenced on 6th November 2017 at Auxilium Park Circus.  On her arrival she was given a warm and traditional welcome.



On 7th November the Tiny Tots of our school welcomed her with a short and enjoyable programme. Sr. Rose thanked the children for their good performance and appreciated the staff  for the effort put in for these little ones. She met the Staff and thanked them for their dedicated service.  The supportive staffs too welcomed her with flowers. She thanked them for their service rendered to this institution and gave them a small gift as a token of her love.

At 5.00 p.m. the Oratorians cum Spoken English children were on their heel and toes with a mesmerising programme to welcome dear Sr. Rose.  Sr. Rose appreciated and thanked the Oratorian, she was happy to see them so happy and contented.


At 6.30 p.m. the cooperator’s meeting with Sr. Rose was unique one from the onset there was a feeling of a family atmosphere which made all relaxed and joyful. Sr. Rose was delighted to see such unity and cooperation among the members.  She encouraged the cooperators to go out to the peripheries and help the most down trodden.  On the 9th November Fr. Jesu celebrated the Thanksgiving Mass for the gift of Sr. Rose. The Community thanked Sr. Provincial for her visitation and assured her of our prayers.

IMG_2595 (2).JPG



Celebrating first world day of the poor at Auxilium Bandel


On 26th November 2017, the community of Bandel celebrated the first world day of the poor. To mark this day the community decided to share the food items to the under privilege oratory children at Rajhat. Sr.Elizabeth Valliyil along with Srs. Jancy Pulickyathottil, Sosan Minj, and  Prema Francis set out to the village in the afternoon.

As usual the students were waiting for the arrival of the sisters; their joy was doubled on seeing four of us at the oratory. The children were divided into different groups and conducted various games and songs dedicated to Jesus which taught the students to keep away from sin by keeping themselves busy at all times.  As the day coincides with the feast of Christ the King, Sr. Sosan Minj gave them talk on the feast. She said that only a humble and simple person is worthy to enter into God’s kingdom through a meaningful story. She also exhorted them to value the importance of parents in their lives.


The hallmark of the function was distribution of food items to thirty children who are regular to the oratory. The items included rice, potatoes, dal and a few packets of Maggie noodles. At the end, we all applauded the students for their faithfulness in coming to the oratory and we wished a better future. The celebration ended with a thanksgiving song.

Annual Exhibition at Auxilium Convent School New Chumta


The Annual Exhibition was held on 25th November 2017 at Auxilium Convent School New Chumta. All the students participated to make it a grand success. It was organized to motivate and inculcate practical and scientific temper among the students.


Honorable Chief Guest of this occasion was Mr. R.S. Dutta, Manager of New Chumta Tea Estate.   He was warmly welcomed by the scout and guide cadets. Sr. Principal Sr. Innocentia Jojo, Sr. Theresa V. the animator of the community and the teachers accompanied him to the venue of Exhibition. With the arrival of our esteemed chief guest the Exhibition was opened at 1:00 pm. for all the parents and the students & the teachers of other close by schools.


Our little scientists and nucleus of wisdom, our students, are the leaders of tomorrow who have captured their revolutionary ideas in the form of charts and working models. There was a great deal of enthusiasm and gaiety shown by students as everybody appreciated the hand on approach to the learning aspect. The exhibition show case various projects and models prepared by the students as a part of their project based on learning methodology. The projects and models that were put on display were selected to the field of Value Education, Catechetical, Work Education, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Hindi and English. It was a colorful display with models created from paper, clay, wax, cotton, newspaper and various other items. Innovative projects like the working model of Solar System, process of urbanization, importance of a forestation, life sketch of poets and their contribution to the world.  All grab the limelight of the Chief Guest, the parents and the students & the teachers of some other schools too.


The exhibition was an educational trip as our school always lays emphasis to convert theoretical knowledge into practical.  The teachers and the students worked together and developed them with hard and long hours of work.  The results were very encouraging. A perusal of their work in the exhibition makes one to agree with William Wordsworth when he said, “Child is the father of man.”

Reported by Ms. Rekha Gurung

Visit from NDF Office Chennai at Nirmala Niketan Jaigaon

NDF Visit 453.jpg

On 02 December 2017, Mr. Anthony Prabhu from NDF Office Chennai came on an official visit to see the performance of the teachers, students as well as the functioning of the evening coaching class. The children welcomed him with kathas and a welcome song and showed their talents of dancing and singing. Mr. Anthony was happy with the performance of the children. He also met the teachers of the evening school, encouraged them to be motivated and aim at helping them to be better persons and educated so that their future will be brighter.

NDF Visit 458

He also gave some tips to Sr. Mary P. who is in charge of the evening coaching class, about the documentation and  records to be maintained systematically and informed her of their expectation from this session. He also had the opportunity to see the surrounding town, village and homes in which children live and their circumstances. His visit encouraged the students as well as the teachers and boosted all to perform well.