SEMINAR for Teaching Staff- St. Mary’s Geyzing

A seminar on “Exploring various methods of educating children was organized in St.Mary’s School, Geyzing on Thursday, 15th February 2018. The seminar was attended by all the teachers of the school, the Vice Principal and staff of Govt. Geyzing college and the teachers of Govt. Senior Secondary school, Geyzing .

Sr. Lucy John, Principal welcomed everyone and introduced the programme of the day. The seminar was chaired by Fr.Sunny Jacob S.J., the Secretary of Jesuit Educational Association of South Asia, a well known personality from New Delhi.

Fr.Sunny, in his introductory session focussed on the idea that ‘everyone in this world is same’. So, a teacher should never discriminate and make sure that every child is treated the same. Through activities, screening of video clips and discussions the following important points were  presented in a creative manner by Fr.Sunny.

  • The four areas of Education
  • Different types of leaning styles
  • Multiple intelligence theory
  • Qualities of a good teacher
  • Characteristics of adolescence .

He emphasized that a teacher should be accountable, adaptable, dedicated, caring, emphatic and passionate. He made them realise that the success of the students greatly depends on the hard work and dedication of the teacher.  Every child should be given the opportunity to develop himself/ herself fully.

The seminar was highly appreciated by everyone. Kudos to Fr.Sunny. We are grateful to the School Management for providing us with such wonderful programme as we commence the new scholastic year.

Ms.Shradha Subba







Barasat -Simultala blessed with the presence of Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil SDB



A memorable and grace filled day  because of the visit of Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil whose  name  was predominant in the history of the church as he was kidnapped by Yemeni militants from Yemen’s city of Aden  after the massacre of 4 Missionary sisters of Charity and other workers in a home for the aged.  His whereabouts were unknown for 557 days  and the entire church and Salesian world prayed earnestly for his release.  His release took place on 12th September 2017.

Barasat – Simultala  area was fortunate  to see him personally  and hear him narrate his harrowing experience of being in captivity.   He arrived about 11 a.m. and after a cup of tea he met the students of DB Tech of hospitality group.  In his talk he inspired them that each one is given a mission of reaching out to others.  Hospitality domain provides best opportunity to be helpful and serviceable and making the people feel good in an unknown ambient.  After his talk all were delighted to have a photo session with him and get individual blessings from him.



After the lunch he met the religious communities opposite side of Auxilium.  The communities of  St. John Vianney minor seminary,  Helpers of the Holy Souls in purgatory, Daughters of cross , Daughters of  charity of St. Vincent de Paul, disciples founded by Fr. Joe D’Souza sdb  gathered in the central hall of Daughters of the cross and there Fr. Tom addressed them.  He said that he was not worthy to be a martyr but God had a special mission for him after the release.  He was spared that is why he is able to meet and share his experience.  He allowed himself to be questioned and responded to queries.

At about 2.35 p.m. he met the Auxilium Sunday faithful which consisted of FMA aspirants from Bamonmura, novices and sisters of Bethany novitiate, Sisters and postulants of AC convent, pre- novices of Jesuits from Arunoday,  Aspirants of RNDM Nava Jeevan, Auxilium boarders, catholic students and catholic teachers.  He retold his experience at Aden of Yemen how the carnage of sisters took place, his kidnap of 557 days in the hands of the terrorists and his release. In his talk he spoke quite well of his captives as they had cared for him giving food and medicines. He replied to all the inquiries very patiently with a touch of humour as well.  The assembly was enamoured by his talk was manifested with even primary students asking him questions.  After the talk photo session took place wherehe amiably and unwearyingly obliged to various community and individual photo requests.




At 3.45 Fr. Tom visited Auxilium Bamunmura where the aspirants delightedly welcomed him with a mirthful welcome song.  He accompanied by Sr. Mary George Uzhunnalil and Sr. Teresa Adampakallel. The holy Eucharist commenced with a graceful entrance dance and a soul inspiring introduction.  In his homily he stressed on the value of prayer especially invoked for others.  His release is proof of the effect of prayer he stressed.  He exhorted the aspirants to respond to the call of the Lord and he further stated that   hurdles and troubles are part of discipleship.  Responding to mission requires one to be strong and persevering battling life’s struggles. After blessing all present he left the premises ignitingeveryone to be ready to follow Jesus even if it cost Martyrdom. His encounter with the candidates made a great impact on them. They are strengthened and stimulated to follow Christ with more determination and courage. Some of them are even inspired to become missionaries after him.




Provincial Team Meet


The Annual Meet of the Provincial Team was held at Auxilium Convent, Dum Dum from 12–14 February 2018. At the outset the members observed few moments of silence and prayed for late Sr. Geraldine Barratt who passed away unexpectedly on 26 January 2018. She was a member of the provincial team.

Sr. Rose Ezarath the Provincial addressed the members and said to have the courage to dream and to have newness in thinking and doing. Mary is the sign of hope, of communion and of Gospel novelty. She invited everyone to be missionaries of joy and hope for the young people.


Then each Sector presented the annual report of their Sector. Sr. Elizabeth Valliyil, the General Coordinator presented the feedback from the communities with suggestions for the year.

The group watched the video of Rector Major presenting the Strenna 2018. The rest of the day was spent in the study of the Strenna and Acts GC23 individually and in two groups.  Later they worked upon the vision statement and lines of action for 2018-19. At the general assembly, after much discussion and debate the final vision statement, the lines of actions and commitments were finalized.  Then the Sisters drafted plan for their respective Sectors. Having done this they planned the province calendar for 2018-2019.

At the conclusion Sr. Provincial congratulated all for being available and completing the great work for the Province and wished that each member of the Province will strengthen her spiritual and missionary journey living in creative fidelity to the Charism and call.

Sr. Elizabeth thanked everyone for their collaboration, hard work and availability and wished that the journey ahead be fruitful and joyful.

Sr. Innocentia Jojo

Team meet.JPG

Welcome Back dear Fr.Tom !


17th February 2018, SG 657 BLR –CCU scheduled time of arrival at 13.10hrs. Rev.Fr. Tom is expected to land on time. Who awaits him at the airport   waiting launch near the luggage belt, before anyone else? None other than our Most. Rev.Thomas D’Souza, the Archbishop of Kolkata, while there are five MC sisters, three FMA sisters including the Provincial Sr.Rose Ezarath and three Salesian priests awaiting him outside the airport in the waiting line. Fantastic moments of expectation and a sudden arrival of  Fr.Tom escorted by Archbishop Thomas D’Souza!  Golden Moments of welcoming with warm embraces, garlands and bouquets all a big surprise , yes the highest order of celebration at the safe return of our dear Fr.Tom hale and hearty from the long exile of 18 months ! Thank our loving and caring Father in Heaven says Fr.Tom who looks 100% fine.

Back at the Auxilium Convent, Fr.Tom arrived by 2.00 pm. The joy of his aunt Sr. Mary George doubled when she saw him arriving along with Provincial Sr.Rose Ezarath and other sisters. A song of love and welcome bursts forth from the hearts of all the sisters present there to greet the epitome of God’s immense love! Sr. Mary George his aunt raises a humble prayer of thanksgiving to the Lord, after which our sisters sang the hymn of “Give Thanks”…

Reported by Sr. Teresa A.




Rev. Sr. Yvonne Reungoat, Superior General of the FMA concludes her visit in the Province of Mary Help of Christians, Kolkata





Dum Dum, 07 January: The day was dawned with an attitude of gratitude to God for the gift of loving, affectionate, smiling and motherly presence of Mother Yvonne in the province for the past two weeks. The day commenced with Morning Prayer animated by Sr. Esther Rani inviting the sisters to sing praises to God for the precious presence of Mother Yvonne.

During the day 40 sisters from various communities of the Province gathered around Mother Yvonne to listen to her exhortations. She encouraged the sisters to accompany the young people, to have always hoped and to cultivate a new face, to be coherent in our faith and to be prophetic in the mission.

In the evening once again sisters gathered around the Eucharistic table, the source and summit of religious life to sing the praises of God: “I will give thanks to you Lord with all my heart…” As a symbolic gesture Sr. Rose Ezarath, Provincial offered a heart with 24 rose flowers representing the 24 communities as a thanksgiving to God for His benevolence and love and in turn Mother Yvonne received and offered it to the Lord.

The celebrant Rev. Fr. Dominic Gomes, the vicar General of the Archdiocese of Kolkata commenced his homily quoting the psalmist “Give thanks to the Lord for he is good”. He so beautifully brought out in his homily the greatness of God, and the beautiful experiences we encompass in our daily life through various people because He will never abandon us in any circumstances of our life. He appreciated the charismatic presence of the FMA and their contribution to the diocese in various fields on behalf Most. Rev. Thomas D’ Souza, Archbishop of Kolkata.  Fr. Dominic profusely thanked Mother Yvonne and wished her God’s blessings through the intercession the saintly founders so that the institute may grow more and more in Jesus and give Jesus to others. The visit of Mother Yvonne  was concluded with a note of thanksgiving.